Welcome to Food to Serve  

A warm welcome to FOOD-TO-SERVE

Food To Serve is founded by Chef Veronica. She conducts cooking classes for all eager cooks, food lovers and anyone who are interested to explore the world of cooking.

Our classes emphasize on teaching useful and easy to follow cooking techniques that can be applied to many different cuisines.

Chef Veronica is also a culinary instructor with ToTT, People Association, retails cooking studio and commercial private clubs. See cooking classes for detailed classes information. She is specialized in conducting cooking and team building event for corporates. See clients list.

Besides conducting regular cooking classes classes publicly and privately. Food-To-Serve also provide services for private event. See What we do for more information.

Welcome to Food to Serve

Food to Serve and Veronica  

Established by Veronica Cherry, Food To Serve grew from the simple idea of wanting to share cooking tips, techniques and recipes with others. From her home-made mushroom soup to her delectable dessert puddings, Veronica’s style of teaching is lay-man simple, practical and fun, suited to both daily home cooking and when entertaining guests.

Food to Serve and Veronica

Food to Serve and Classes  

Food To Serve conducts demonstration workshops for all eager cooks and food lovers. Our workshops emphasizes on teaching good and easy to follow cooking techniques and skills that can be applied to many different cuisines. Our menus are practical, simple and delicious and come with detailed explanations so that you can do at home what you did in class.

Currently, we conduct demonstration and hands-on lessons in private home, cooking studios, private clubs and  community clubs. We also cater for private events and private home on request.

More information on class details can be found on Cooking Classes section

Food to Serve and Classes

Clients & Business Partners

Cooking & Team Building
>Intuit Inc.
>UBS Bank
> Oil Spill Response Limited
> Bayer
> Croda Singapore Pte Ltd
> SalesTrade Singapore Pte Ltd
> VAT Valve Singapore
> Harley Davidson
> Google Singapore
> Hella Asia
> Dentsu Mobius
> Absolute Living (Nourish)
> Eisai Clinical
> NetApp Singapore
> Exquisite Magazine
> Food & Travel Magazine
> Simply Her Magazine
> Shell Petroleum
> Sothys
> World Kitchen Singapore
> Tetra Pak Singapore
> Origen Laboratory
> CHIJ School
> Singapore Management of University

Brand Representation & Partners
> Kenwood Singapore
> Scan Pan
> Exquisite Magazine
> CA Safety
> Nourish
> Tangs Singapore

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Dear Ms Veronica,

My apologies for writing so late but was too occupied with my work. Your class on 17th June which I attended, was fabulous and I enjoyed and learnt alot. I made the same bread yesterday (focaccia) and it turned out super, thanks to
your teaching. I have strongly recommended your classes to all my friends who love cooking.
Thanks again for super teaching,
Dr Kalindi Desouza

Hey Veronica,
I kept thinking that I'm a lucky guy to find you for this event, but now I know that the kids were really blessed to have you there and I was just an instrument. Thank you for everything...you were amazing, the event was awesome. The kids loved it, we all had a great time and we will come back for more. Cook it up and stay in touch.
Below are some of pics I have of the event. One is a group photo and the other is you pulling off a quick Indian dance step :)

John Pathrose
Ituit Inc.

Hi Veronica,
We would like to thank you very much for teaching us how to cook such a delicious & healthy foods. We really appreciate your arrangement and the demo. We learnt a lot
and enjoyed the food. We should be able to make this healthy food at home and share with our family members.
Have a nice weekend !
Raymond Wee
SalesTrade Singapore

Hi Veronica,
We have received some good feedbacks of the activity from our staffs and it is encouraging for us to organise more similar activities in the future. On behalf of our staffs we thank you for conducting the session for us albeit the location is inconvenient. It had lightened up our Friday. Take care and See you again.
Best Regards,
BoonChoon, Chng
Croda Singapore Pte Ltd

Dear Veronica
We wish to thank you for the delightful macaron session yesterday in Tott. It was very educational and enjoyable! We had in the meanwhile, continued the fun with the fillings at home last night. We thought to share some photos with you - that with thanks to you, we were actually having delicious macarons on a Sunday night!
Best wishes in the meanwhile
Belinda & Boon

Hi Veronica,
I wanted to thank you for the class last Saturday. We met some of our friends today and we gave some macarons :) They were really good. I also wanted to congratulate you for the class because I think your way of teaching is really really good. It was a pleasure, from the beginning to the end. Good luck for the future!!
JY & Marie

Dear Chef Cherry,
RE:Research Instruments Team Builiding Event
Please find attached our Group shot photo.Thank you for the wonderful time at ToTT last Thursday. Everyone is still talking about it back at work today. You definitely fired up the inner chef in all of us.
Looking forward to attending your other workshops in the very near future!
With Sincere Thanks,
Grace Wong
Origen Lab (Senior Scientist)

Dear Chef Veronica,
In sincere appreciation of your valuable service, please accept my respect and gratitude. Hope we will have other future collaborations.
Best Regards,
Hamidah Ayoob

Hi Chef Veronica
I am one of the participants in the Sunday class and I enjoy your class very much. You are one of the very few trainers that can deliver very light and yet precise information that is easily understand. I am now looking forward to see if you are going to conduct anymore interesting classes that I can go.
Best Regards
Michelle Mak

Thank you so much Ms Veronica for a wonderful session this morning! I really enjoyed myself and am sure each and everyone in the class also enjoyed.
My son couldn't wait till tomorrow to have the macaroons and we have finished almost half of those....The remaining ganache I used to fill the chocolate pralines and they taste so good.

I will be very grateful if you can send me the two page article on "why one fails to make perfect macaroons" as promised this morning. I look forward meet you again for any other new cooking session in the near future.....may be cup-cakes..

Best Regards,
Dr. Kalindi deSousa

Dear Chef Veronica
Hi Veronica, this is Sim here. Thank you again for yesterday lesson. It was fun & informative. I had a great time learning from you. At the same time need to check with you regarding your lesson on baking quick bread for tea. Thank you & looking forward for yr reply.
Good day!

Dear Veronica
Thank you for the helpful info, Chef Veronica. You've been wonderful!
Cheng Peng
P.s. the class you conducted was very enjoyable!